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Perfect Practice

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About Perfect Practice

Football players practice on the field, basketball players practice on the court, swimmers practice in the pool, baseball players practice on a baseball diamond, and if you surf you practice in the ocean. But, if you play golf, you practice at the driving range. For us golfers our practice tee does not resemble the golf course. Whether it is off of grass or a hitting mat, or inside a simulator, our practice area can be an obstacle for performance improvement. Most golfers will show up to the range, go through a meager stretching/warm-up routine, if any, and then pound through 100 balls in 30 minutes.

Overcome the shortcomings

 How often do you change clubs at the range? How long do you take between shots and does that time resemble the time between shots on the course?  What is the purpose of practicing golf? Ideally, it is to develop your skills as a golfer and to work on the pieces of the game that you are struggling with, so you can enjoy the game when you do play. Perfect Practice for golf will help you overcome the shortcomings of the golf practice environment.

What is your intention for the next shot?

One of the great elements of Perfect Practice, is that it makes you slow down and think about what you are doing. What is your intention for the next shot? Your practice will become more purposeful and you will find that you will need to hit fewer balls due to the fact that you are slowing down and get more out of each shot. It has been said that it takes 10,000 hours to gain mastery of a skill. The caveat in that idea is that, it is perfect practice that makes perfect. If you are “machine-gunning” through balls at the range then what are you really learning? Less is more for many things especially when quantity and quality are put in opposition of each other. Learning happens quicker when quality reps are made. If you make crappy reps you will develop bad habits and poor technique.

Human adaptation

The human brain can adapt to and learn just about anything, you want to make sure that you are making great reps. Perfect Practice will set-up you up to take each shot seriously and give it your best effort. This puts more of a demand on your central nervous system. The tour players have an amazing ability to focus for hours at a time in a competitive environment. This is taxing to the nervous system. Taking each shot seriously in your practice will help you gain the ability to focus better on the golf course. 

Slow Down

The app will slow you down and part of it is the data entry component. Go with it. It is a great distraction to prevent you from getting in a groove. Even if you are doing a customized block practice, enter in each shot. It will take your hands of the club and force you to reset for each shot just like you need to on the course. We recommend picking up the Iphone bag mount. It will make your phone more safe, and it will make it easy to enter the data. 

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